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Williams team principal reveals they want to sign Carlos Sainz

Team principal James Vowles has confirmed that Williams are eager to sign Carlos Sainz for next season, while aiming to make a mark in Formula One over the coming months.

The Spaniard is set to leave Ferrari as a result of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton's blockbuster move to the Scuderia for the start of the 2025 season.

Sainz is widely regarded as one of the best drivers on the grid. Last season he was the only non-Red Bull driver to win a race and also picked up victory for Ferrari in Australia earlier this season.

Williams, who are expected to let American Logan Sargeant leave the team, have been reported to be closing in on Sainz's capture and Vowles has made no secret of who he wants to be Alex Albon's team-mate next season.

"Our number one target is Carlos," team principal Vowles told Sky Sports F1 at the Canadian Grand Prix.

"Carlos is a race-winning driver that last year beat Max against all odds in Singapore with a brilliant drive and that's not the first time.

"He's intelligent how he approaches things, logical, incredibly quick.

"Any team on the grid would be fortunate to have someone like Carlos alongside them."

Sainz was touted as a possible replacement for Sergio Perez at Red Bull but the Mexican signed a new contract this week which closed another door at a top team for the 29-year-old.

It would appear to leave Sainz choosing between Williams and Sauber - the team which will become Audi in 2026 - but both are teams fighting at the back end of the grid.

Despite that, Vowles is confident Williams' project is an attractive proposition.

"There's a reason why I left Mercedes to come here. This isn't the Williams of old," he added.

"Having Sainz on our list shows we are prepared to have a driver line-up that I think will be one of the best on the grid, if it's achieved.

"We are investing tens, if not hundreds of millions back to where it was in terms of success.

"This really is a good journey. We are now starting to see the hard work that was started 12 months ago.

"Williams were a team that were 10th for many years. Last year we were seventh and we started this year poorly but keep an eye out for us. This is a different entity to what it was before."

Sainz spoke about his future earlier this week and admitted that he would be looking for a long-term project with seats at top teams off the table.

He also believes that the new regulations for 2026 which were unveiled on Thursday could shake up the established order.

"I'm still a firm believer that in Formula One to be successful you need a medium-to-long term project," Sainz said on Thursday.

"I don't think you are ever going to be successful going somewhere for a year to win and then leave. I think you need a project.

"And I think 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 offers me a good opportunity to find that. I think 2026 is going to be a lottery."


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