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  • Valtteri Bottas Insists He Has 'Options' Outside Of Sauber

Valtteri Bottas insists he has 'options' outside of Sauber

Valtteri Bottas remains optimistic about his future in Formula One despite Sauber handing Nico Hulkenberg a contract before offering him a deal as well.

Sauber's move to secure Hulkenberg's services has shifted attention to Bottas, who is yet to receive an offer from Audi. While he could hypothetically continue with the team, his position remains precarious as several other drivers are in contention for his seat.

Two names have emerged as strong candidates to join the Audi-owned Sauber squad. The first is Hulkenberg, who was initially pursued in 2023 but faced a veto from Haas, delaying his transfer. Despite this setback, Audi finally secured Hulkenberg on a multi-year deal.

In addition to Hulkenberg, Audi's interest in Ferrari's Carlos Sainz remains significant. 

Some observers interpret Sauber's recent contract announcement with Hulkenberg as a potential signal to Sainz, urging him to make a decision swiftly. Audi's patience has worn thin after waiting months for Sainz's response to their offer.

Even if Sainz declines Audi's offer, Bottas's position at Sauber is not guaranteed. Audi's search for talent is extensive, reflecting the competitive driver market and the team's desire for a robust lineup.

For Bottas, this season with Sauber could mark his last, given the evolving dynamics within the team. 

The departure of Fred Vasseur, who shaped the current lineup, has fueled speculation about a fresh roster at Audi-owned Sauber.

"There are options, but at the moment, all is focused on F1," Bottas told Racingnews365.

"I feel like things will start happening quite soon, now that Fernando has decided to stay [at Aston Martin]...

"I would say ideally, within the next few weeks, things are starting to get started. 

"And I am working on it, talks have started, and so it should be an interesting few weeks."


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