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Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton won't take Mercedes development to Ferrari

Team principal Toto Wolff is not worried that Lewis Hamilton will transfer significant confidential information about Mercedes' success to Ferrari next year.

Wolff acknowledged that Hamilton's decision to activate an exit clause at the end of the season came as a surprise. 

However, he emphasised that his primary concern is not the possibility of Hamilton, aged 39, sharing crucial engineering and technical secrets with Ferrari in Maranello.

Amidst speculation, Wolff reiterated that he is not overly worried about potential strains in the relationship between Hamilton and current team members. This concern is especially relevant as discussions regarding key development secrets for the following year unfold throughout 2024.

"You shouldn't fool yourself," Wolff told told the Austrian broadcaster ORF.

"Of course there can be a certain dynamic when a driver changes teams, especially if things are not going so smoothly.

"But both drivers still get equal opportunities. We need two drivers who perform excellently.

"Additionally, I believe that drivers have less input in terms of development than any engineer. And there are always personnel changes of people moving from us to Ferrari or Red Bull. That's what you have to pay attention to, said Wolff.

"Apart from a few minor details, Lewis won't take much development to Ferrari."

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