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Sergio Perez: Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen pushes me to grow

Red Bull's Sergio Perez insists being team-mates with three-time world champion Max Verstappen inspires him to improve, instead of tempting him to go elsewhere.

In the lead-up to the recent Canadian Grand Prix, Red Bull confirmed Perez's commitment to the team by extending his contract for two more years, keeping him with the Milton Keynes-based outfit until the end of 2026.

Since joining Red Bull in 2021, Perez's track record contrasts significantly with Verstappen's stellar performance history during the same period.

Despite Verstappen's dominance, Perez emphasised that facing such a formidable teammate is a key reason for his continued dedication to Red Bull.

"I love working with this group of mechanics and engineers. Everyone works really hard and gives their all," Perez told RACER.

"But love having that challenge of being Max's teammate. That has made me want to keep going, precisely because it is such a challenge. It makes you keep learning and keep growing.

"You've also seen with other drivers how tough it is. Red Bull is different from any other team in that respect.

"Mentally it takes everything out of you, and you also have to be very strong in your shoes to be able to deal with the pressure within this team."

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