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Sergio Perez acknowledges McLaren threat at Emilia Romagna GP

As Formula 1 rolls into the Imola circuit for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing's Sergio Perez acknowledges the challenge posed by McLaren.

Following an unexpected defeat to McLaren's Lando Norris in Miami in the last race, Perez remains cautious about the weekend ahead.

McLaren's impressive performance in Miami, bolstered by a significant upgrade to their MCL38, saw Norris clinch a dramatic victory over Max Verstappen. This win, influenced by a timely safety car, showcased the potential of McLaren's enhancements and set the stage for a tight contest at Imola, a track known to suit their car's characteristics even better than Miami.

Red Bull, not one to be left behind, are also introducing new parts to their RB20 for the Imola race. However, Perez downplays the impact of these updates, focusing instead on the overall balance and setup of the car. 

"We are going to have the same upgrades (on both cars)," Perez told the media. "We don't expect a huge upgrade from our side, so what is more important is to maximize the balance of the car for low-fuel and high-fuel situations."

Perez recognizes McLaren's potential to be a significant threat. "I don't see any reason why (McLaren) can't (challenge)," he stated. "They will be very strong, and Ferrari will also be a major contender. The pressure is on all teams to deliver consistently. If one team fails to perform on a weekend, the repercussions can be massive."

Reflecting on the Miami race, Perez admitted Red Bull's struggles under race conditions compared to their performance in qualifying and the sprint race. "McLaren was the fastest team in Miami, and Ferrari was strong too. We didn't maximize our package and could have been stronger," Perez admitted. "We didn't have the full picture going into the grand prix, but we still managed to secure the most points from the weekend."

He continued to explain the challenges faced during the race: "The sprint doesn't give you the full picture. Racing with 30 kilos of fuel is very different from racing with over 100 kilos. In Miami, we found ourselves sliding more than we expected. We've identified what we lacked and have already implemented improvements on the simulator."

The upcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, taking place from May 17-19, promises to be a critical event in this season's championship. The historic Imola track, with its challenging layout and rich racing heritage, is set to provide a thrilling battleground for Formula 1's top teams.

Perez's cautious optimism and respect for his rivals underline the unpredictable nature of the sport. With McLaren and Ferrari in strong form, and Red Bull aiming to optimize their package, the race at Imola could be a pivotal moment in the fight for the 2024 championship. 

As the tension builds, fans can expect an exhilarating showdown on one of the sport's most iconic circuits.

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