Sebastian Vettel: Aston Martin need time to close the gap to F1's top teams

Sebastian Vettel says Aston Martin are taking the right steps to move up the Formula 1 grid, but will need to be patient as it's not something that happens overnight.

Aston Martin have signed two-time F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso for next season, along with former Red Bull head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows and Mercedes aero chief Eric Landin.

Vettel believes the new additions to the team will certainly push them in the right direction, but Aston Martin shouldn't expect immediate results.

"Winning doesn't guarantee you will win again but it definitely helps," said Vettel, as quoted by Crash.

"The people are in place, the new factory is being built, so it's all coming together - but it will take time.

"There was a huge chance with the regulation changes this year, but we fell into the same trap many others did. Some teams maybe got a little lucky, designing a car around a ride height that would work.

"Now we have these regulations until 2026, so the teams that had a good start will have a head-start over the teams that had a bad start, and the budget cap means you can't just throw money and resources at the problem to catch up."

Vettel, who retires at the end of the season, spent the last two years with Aston Martin and, despite struggling to fight for points, the four-time World Champion does not regret his decision to drive for them.

"I don't think it was a useless two years, even though the results and points we scored weren't that useful or what we hoped for," he added. "I've loved working with the team - getting to know different people and different approaches.

"These two years have been very challenging because I wasn't familiar with running at the back of the field. It has been a new experience - tough at times - and I realised a lot."

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