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Red Bull's Max Verstappen downplays Canada GP expectations

Red Bull's Max Verstappen has tempered expectations ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, following a challenging period for the team since their dominant run in 2023.

The Milton Keynes outfit faced setbacks recently at Monaco, struggling with pace and finishing sixth in the race.

Verstappen attributed Red Bull's recent woes to the resurgence of McLaren and Ferrari, who exposed vulnerability in their RB20 car, notably the struggle with riding curbs.

Reflecting on Monaco's demanding street circuit, Verstappen expressed caution regarding the team's prospects in Canada, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the new track surface.

"We have to wait and see - new surface as well," Verstappen told media. "I think that might always give you some surprises. But it's probably also not going to be our strongest weekend because of that, but probably a little bit better than here."

The Dutch driver voiced dissatisfaction with the RB20's performance in Monaco, stressing the need for improvements to address the car's extreme tendencies.

Despite Red Bull's struggles, Verstappen assured that the team are diligently working to rectify issues, acknowledging the challenges in finding quick solutions.

"I think we take everything very seriously, but sometimes things are not very easy to fix," Verstappen remarked. "But we are working flat out on it."

Looking ahead, Verstappen remained pragmatic about the team's chances, acknowledging that their performance in Monaco did not warrant contention for victory. He emphasized the importance of unlocking the car's pace as the central focus for improvement.

"I think it's more just your pace of the car that we need to work on," Verstappen stated. "Of course, I would have liked to be there [in the podium-finishers' press conference], but we didn't deserve to be there this weekend. So, that's how it goes."

As the Formula 1 calendar progresses, all eyes turn to the Canadian Grand Prix, set to take place on June 9 at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal. With Red Bull now facing challenges amidst fierce competition, Verstappen's cautious optimism has underscored the team's determination to overcome adversity on the track.

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