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Red Bull's Helmut Marko proposes changes to spice up Monaco GP

In Formula 1, the Monaco Grand Prix stands as a cornerstone event, as iconic as the roar of a Ferrari engine.

However, amidst the glitz and glamour of the Monte Carlo streets, a challenge has emerged: the lack of on-track action. This year's race saw a historic occurrence, with the top 10 order from qualifying remaining unchanged at the finish line, sparking calls for revitalization.

Helmut Marko, renowned Red Bull advisor, isn't one to shy away from addressing the issues head-on.

In his recent column for Speedweek, Marko acknowledged the spectacle of Monaco but also emphasized the necessity for evolution. "After the red flag, the Monaco GP was a procession... But something has to be done," Marko stated.

Marko's proposed solution isn't just speculative chatter; it's grounded in tangible plans. He hinted at the possibility of altering the track layout.

"The simplest thing would be to change the track, and there are already plans and ideas for that," Marko disclosed.

Yet, the changes don't stop at the circuit's bends and straights. Marko delved deeper, suggesting strategic modifications to the race itself.

"Another option would be to require two mandatory pit stops... or to require all three types of tyres to be used," Marko explained, emphasizing the need for unpredictability.

With the impending 2026 rule changes on the horizon, Marko underlined the importance of addressing the Monaco dilemma promptly. "The 2026 rule change will make the cars a little lighter and smaller, but that alone will not solve the problem," he cautioned.

"We either need to stipulate the number of tyre changes or have a route that at least offers a realistic chance of overtaking."

As the Formula 1 fraternity anticipate the Canadian Grand Prix, scheduled for June 7-9, Marko's propositions linger in the air, igniting discussions about the future of Monaco. Amidst the anticipation of the race at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal, the question remains: Will Monaco embrace change to reignite its allure?

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