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Red Bull's dominance under threat as Jos Verstappen sounds the alarm

Red Bull Racing's era of dominance in Formula 1 might be nearing its end, according to Jos Verstappen, father of triple-world champion Max Verstappen.

Jos believes the team need to reevaluate their priorities amid increasing pressure from rivals Ferrari and McLaren.

The past few races have exposed Red Bull's vulnerabilities. Following a tough weekend at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the team faced another setback in Monaco over the past weekend.

Despite their past successes, Red Bull struggled to find pace during practice sessions, leaving them off the pace in qualifying. Max Verstappen found himself battling with the Mercedes duo of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton rather than challenging the front-runners.

In Monaco, Max's final qualifying lap ended in disappointment as he hit the wall at Turn 1, Sainte Devote, forcing him to start sixth on the grid. Despite his best efforts, he finished the race in the same position, sandwiched between the two Mercedes drivers.

Reflecting on the situation, Jos Verstappen shared his concerns with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. "The era when Red Bull had the dominant car really seems to be over now," he stated.

"Maybe they should start focusing a bit more on racing and mutual communication again, rather than on other things."

Jos emphasized the need for immediate action. "Red Bull needs to find out where this problem is coming from because it is clear that teams like Ferrari and McLaren are getting closer," he noted. "Max has still been able to mask that somewhat, but the big difference with Sergio Perez is becoming more and more obvious."

Despite the recent struggles, Jos remains optimistic about Red Bull's future prospects. "There will definitely be races where Red Bull will be in good shape again," he said. "But I am very curious to see how they are going to solve this. Something really needs to happen there."

The spotlight also fell on Perez, who has had a challenging season. Perez failed to make it out of Q1 in Monaco for the second consecutive year. His race ended abruptly after colliding with Kevin Magnussen's Haas and subsequently hitting Nico Hulkenberg's car.

Jos pointed out the growing disparity between Max and Perez's performances. "Max has still been able to mask that somewhat, but the big difference with Sergio Perez is becoming more and more obvious," he remarked.

The pressure is now on Red Bull to address these issues and reclaim their competitive edge. The team must analyse their recent performances and make necessary adjustments to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive world of Formula 1.

As the season progresses, fans and experts alike will be watching closely to see if Red Bull can overcome these challenges and return to their winning ways. The question remains: Can Red Bull maintain their status as a top contender, or will Ferrari and McLaren continue to close the gap?

In the high-stakes arena of Formula 1, only time will tell.

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