Red Bull's Max Verstappen: 'I don't see myself driving in F1 until I'm 40'

Red Bull's double World Champion Max Verstappen has hinted that he does not plan to have a prolonged Formula 1 career like some of his rivals.

The 25-year-old, who has claimed the 2021 and 2022 drivers' titles, has already completed 159 Grand Prix races and currently looks untouchable with four races remaining on the 2022 F1 calendar.

As things currently stand in his F1 career, Verstappen has had 32 victories, 74 podiums and 18 pole positions.

Two of Verstappen's current rivals like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are both still racing at a very high level aged 37 and 41 respectively, but the Red Bull driver hinted that he did not plan to race for too long in F1.

"I don't see myself driving until I'm 40 because I want to also do other stuff," Verstappen told F1.

"I'm having a lot of fun with what I'm doing right now and I'm still in F1 for a couple more years. I'm signed [with Red Bull] until 2028.

"After that, it also depends how everything is going but I will probably try to do a few different kinds of racing because it's important also to try different things.

"I really enjoy being part of this team for a long time and hopefully for a long time to come," he added.

The next F1 grand prix takes place in Austin on the Circuit of the Americas this upcoming weekend and in 2021 it was Verstappen who won the race.

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