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  • Red Bull Faces Potential Departure Of Sporting Director Jonathan Wheatley

Red Bull faces potential departure of sporting director Jonathan Wheatley

Red Bull's sporting director, Jonathan Wheatley, is reportedly considering leaving the team, with uncertainty surrounding his future.

Wheatley, aspiring to become a team principal, has been exploring options at other Formula 1 teams. 

His contributions to Red Bull's success, including orchestrating world-record pit stops and strategic interactions with race officials, have been notable. 

However, his desire for a higher leadership role has sparked speculation about potential destinations.

Alpine, led by Bruno Famin after Otmar Szafnauer's interim stint, and Sauber, currently without a team principal, are among the teams where Wheatley could land. 

His potential departure follows Adrian Newey's forthcoming exit, indicating a period of transition at Red Bull.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen's rumored interest in Mercedes adds another layer of intrigue to Red Bull's situation. 

Despite their on-track dominance, off-track uncertainties persist, with Christian Horner addressing the Wheatley speculation during the Miami Grand Prix. 

Wheatley's potential move could signal broader changes within the F1 landscape, prompting discussions about leadership shifts and team dynamics.

"There are rumours about everybody," said Horner. "Contracts between individuals and their terms and conditions is not something that we really talk through [with] the public."

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