Pierre Gasly is convinced his driving is not that dangerous and that he does not deserve an F1 ban

AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly is just two points away from picking up an automatic race ban with nine Grands Prix still to go before any of the cautions start coming off his license.

At the Mexico City GP, Gasly picked up his 10th penalty point out of a maximum of 12, when he overtook Aston Martin's Lance Stroll by leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

In an interview, a frustrated Gasly stated that he did not regard himself as being a dangerous driver, and said: "I am quite close to being banned for a race but in my opinion, I don't feel like I have been that dangerous over the last 12 months," said Gasly, who is Alpine-bound next year.

He also picked up penalty points in Spain and Austria for causing accidents and exceeding the track limits.

The French driver then collected a further point at the Japanese GP when he was caught speeding under a red flag while a crane was on track, then during the US GP he received another penalty point for falling to far behind the safety car.

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"It would be a shame to get a ban for slowing down too much behind the safety car and a couple of track limits this year," Gasly added.

"They [the FIA] are working on it and probably for next year there will be changes. That is good to hear."

The 26-year-old Gasly feels the way that penalty points are collected needs to be looked at by the FIA, he said: "The regulations say that in case you do dangerous driving, you lose points.

"At the moment, you are losing points for these safety car infringements or track limits and obviously, the penalty for it is a race ban.

"We all agree, and the stewards agree, it is quite harsh so I think they are working on it and should come up with something different for next year."

When told at the time after the Mexico race that he had collected another penalty while in 10th position, Gasly snapped back: "I don't want to talk [about it]," Gasly said angrily.

"I don't want one single question about the penalty. I'm tired of this."

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