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Oliver Bearman receives advice from Ferrari's Charles Leclerc

Oliver Bearman is set to join Haas for the 2025 Formula 1 season and has received invaluable guidance from Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

The advice comes after Bearman's impressive debut at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix earlier this year, where he filled in admirably for Carlos Sainz.

Bearman, just 19 years old, showcased his talent with a standout performance, finishing seventh in Jeddah despite the challenging circumstances. 

His swift adaptation to the Ferrari was a testament to his readiness for the pinnacle of motorsport.

Leclerc, who has mentored Bearman during their time together at Ferrari, expressed unwavering confidence in the young Briton's abilities.

"I know Oliver very well, honestly, I think he's such an incredibly talented driver," Leclerc told media.

"He showed that in Jeddah when he jumped in the car and was straight away very, very strong."

Despite a tough season in Formula 2, where Bearman currently stands 13th in the standings, his promotion to Haas for next year underscores his potential in Formula 1.

Leclerc cautioned Bearman against placing undue pressure on himself as he transitions into a full-time F1 role. 

"He just needs to take his time, make the mistakes that he needs to [make] in order to learn and to become a better driver," Leclerc advised.

"Not putting himself under too much pressure will allow him to perform at his optimum potential."

The next F1 event is the Hungarian Grand Prix scheduled to take place on the weekend of 19-21 July, and is set to be the 13th race of the Formula 1 season. The race takes place over 70 laps of the 4.381-kilometre Hungaroring in Budapest on Sunday, July 21.

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