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Nico Hulkenberg: Smaller F1 teams must get creative to earn points

Haas F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg has advocated for a shift towards "unorthodox" strategies for smaller teams, if they are to secure points in the fiercely competitive championship.

Hulkenberg's performance in the season opener in Bahrain showcased his strong qualifying form from the previous year, with a 10th place grid position. 

However, he faced challenges during the race, dropping to 16th due to a poor start and a collision with Lance Stroll at Turn 1 that damaged his front wing.

The German driver's fortunes turned in Saudi Arabia, where he executed a strategic masterstroke by not pitting during a safety car period triggered by Stroll's crash. 

This decision, coupled with teammate Kevin Magnussen's assistance in holding off pursuing cars, allowed Hulkenberg to climb from 15th to secure a valuable point with a 10th place finish.

"I think in races like this race [in Saudi] when, currently we have the top five teams, if they stay in the race, that's the top 10 taken," he said.

"So, I always feel you have to do something unorthodox and something not so [logical] or what seems like common sense.

"You have to obviously push your luck a little bit and do something different, offset yourself and, like in the past, that has often paid off."

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