F1 news: Fernando Alonso still throwing shade at former team Alpine Racing

It's no secret there is no love lost between Fernando Alonso and the team he left at the end of the 2022 Formula 1 season, Alpine Racing, and the Spanish driver is still taking digs at his former empl

At 41 years old, Alonso is definitely a senior stateman on the grid but he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt this year that he still has pace to burn and his ambitions of returning to the top step of the podium are more than just a flight of fancy.

One of the main reasons he left Alpine is that he felt he had a better chance of winning a race at Aston Martin, something that he has come under some critism for considering Alpine have won far more recently than Aston Martin have.

However, Alonso counters that argument in his usual way; by claiming it was a fluke.

"We don't have the win because what happened in Hungary last year will never happen again in a hundred years, so that is a casualty," he said, completely dismissing the team and Esteban Ocon's achievement.

"And then, the podium, maybe in Canada and Australia we had a chance but we lost by our own fault."

The French outfit rallied well in the second half of the season and even managed to pip rivals McLaren to fourth place in the Constructors' Championship - a huge achievement consdiering how far behind they were in 2021.

Once again, though, Alonso was not impressed.

"When you are not fighting for the championship, to be fourth or fifth doesn't change much," he said dismissively.

For reference, Aston Martin finished seventh - 118 points behind Alpine Racing.

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