F1 news: Alfa Romeo partner with IT services provider KIO in pursuit of innovation

Alfa Romeo have entered into a partnership with information technology services provider KIO as they aim to innovate and move further up the F1 grid.

The Mexico-based company operates over forty cutting edge data centres protected by top notch security, and develop business applications, artificial intelligence, as well as automation.

"Delivering outstanding results in a fast and efficient way is the key to all our operations, and for these reasons we identify with KIO's own business values," said Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur.

"Their passion and dedication to what they do is very similar to our effort to always deliver the very best of our performances, both on and off track."

KIO CEO Jorge Sapien added: "At KIO, we are very clear about how quickly the needs of each of our customers change.

"We are their strategic partners and, just as in the world of motorsport, every day we race for innovation and excellence in our services."

KIO's IT services director Octavio Camarena further emphasised the company's focus on innovation efficiency.

"Our work at KIO is focused on developing the future, and just as in Formula One, where there are new technologies that allow us to achieve greater speed, we drive innovation and efficiency in the different industries of our customers."

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