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Mercedes grapple with high-speed woes ahead of Australian Grand Prix

Mercedes faced a tough challenge at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, particularly struggling in the high-speed corners, sparking concerns among fans and analysts.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, voiced his frustrations during the Jeddah weekend, highlighting a lack of rear stability in their W15 car, particularly noticeable in the fast and flowing Sector 1. The Mercedes cars seemed visibly slower compared to their rivals from Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren.

Despite their efforts, Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton could only manage sixth and ninth positions respectively in the Saudi Arabian GP, leaving them with much to ponder.

Team principal Toto Wolff admitted to a "fundamental issue" with the car in high-speed corners, indicating the need for urgent improvements. Mercedes' trackside engineering director, Andrew Shovlin, shed some light on the technical challenges they faced.

Shovlin explained, "It’s a few things. One of them was that the balance wasn't great. So in those very fast corners, the walls aren't particularly far away, it is where the driver wants a lot of confidence, and quite often we were snapping to oversteer if they really leant on the tyres."

He further elaborated, "But the big [problem] is that we don't really have enough grip, so that is one of things we are working hard on this week because Melbourne has a similar nature of corners."

Despite struggles in Sector 1, Mercedes found solace in the straight-line speed of their car, hinting at a potential strategy shift to compensate for their shortcomings.

With eyes now firmly set on the Australian Grand Prix, scheduled for the weekend of 22-24 March, Mercedes are pushing hard to rectify their issues and regain their competitive edge. 

The Albert Park semi-street circuit promises yet another thrilling chapter in the ongoing Formula One saga, with drivers bracing themselves for the challenges posed by its unique layout and ever-changing grip levels.

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