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  • McLaren'S Oscar Piastri Analyses China Incident, Looks Ahead To Miami GP

McLaren's Oscar Piastri analyses China incident, looks ahead to Miami GP

McLaren's Oscar Piastri weighed in on the collision at the Chinese GP between Daniel Ricciardo and Lance Stroll, shedding light on the moments preceding the incident.

As the race resumed post-safety car deployment, drivers found themselves navigating the challenging Turn 14 hairpin at the Shanghai International Circuit. Piastri, alongside Ricciardo, faced an unexpected challenge as they braked abruptly, leading to Stroll's collision with Ricciardo's Red Bull.

Reflecting on the incident, Piastri echoed Aston Martin driver Stroll's surprise at the sudden braking but emphasized the critical difference: "Yes, but everyone else didn't crash into each other. I mean, I think in that kind of corner, you always kind of need to expect that. 

"But yes, it did get quite close between a lot of us."

Despite the setback, McLaren showcased remarkable performance at the Shanghai circuit, defying expectations. 

Lando Norris' impressive P2 finish stunned the team, prompting Piastri to emphasize the importance of dissecting their success: "Yeah, I think definitely we need to understand why we're quick on certain days and not quick on other days. I think we've got some good ideas but we just need to make sure that our reasons that we think why we're good, are actually why."

Piastri's optimism for McLaren's future performance was evident as he highlighted the significance of upcoming upgrades: "It's exciting for what's to come in the future, with some new parts coming to the car, it's encouraging."

Looking forward, the F1 Miami Grand Prix looms on the horizon, marking the sixth race of the 2024 season. Scheduled for May 3 to May 5, the event promises thrilling action at the Miami International Autodrome, with fans eagerly anticipating the showdown on the circuit's challenging layout.

As teams like McLaren navigate the highs and lows of competition, the quest for podium glory continues, with eyes firmly set on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in Miami.

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