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McLaren revamp technical structure, reshuffle leadership ahead of F1 Japan GP

McLaren are undergoing changes in their technical department, marking a pivotal moment as the team strive to reclaim their position at the forefront of Formula 1.

The latest reshuffle sees the departure of David Sanchez, the former technical director of car concept and performance, after just three months with the team. Sanchez's exit comes as McLaren shift focus toward a more diversified technical setup.

Last year, McLaren transitioned away from a singular technical director role, opting instead to divide responsibilities among three key figures. Now, in a revised arrangement, Rob Marshall assumes the mantle of chief designer, bringing his expertise from Red Bull Racing. Neil Houldey steps into the role of technical director of engineering, while Peter Prodromou maintains his position as technical director of aerodynamics.

Sanchez expressed gratitude for his time with McLaren but acknowledged a misalignment between his expectations and the reality of the role. "I leave with respect for the leadership, admiration for the dedication of my colleagues, and appreciation for the openness and honesty in which we discussed and arrived at this decision," Sanchez stated. 

McLaren's team principal, Andrea Stella, will temporarily oversee the concept and performance department as the team searches for a permanent replacement.

Stella emphasized the importance of evolving the team's technical capabilities for greater efficiency and effectiveness. "This further step in the evolution of the structure of the technical department signifies our commitment to constantly enhancing our workflows," Stella remarked.

Reflecting on Sanchez's departure, Stella emphasized the mutual agreement to part ways in pursuit of opportunities better suited to Sanchez's skill set. "We greatly value the contributions that David has made during his relatively short time with us," Stella noted, wishing him success in his future endeavours.

Amidst these changes, McLaren prepare for the upcoming F1 Japan Grand Prix, the fourth race of the 2024 season. Scheduled for April 5-7 at the Suzuka International Racing Course, the event promises thrilling action as teams vie for supremacy on the iconic circuit. 

With McLaren's revamped technical structure and renewed determination, fans can anticipate an exciting chapter in the team's ongoing journey towards success in Formula 1.

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