McLaren F1 star Oscar Piastri aims to evolve in 2024

In the lead-up to his second Formula 1 season with McLaren, Oscar Piastri wants to "keep building and evolving" as a driver.

Piastri, renowned for his rapid adaptability, navigated a remarkable debut season in Formula 1, overcoming various challenges. 

Despite initial reservations about McLaren's pace, a mid-season upgrade package transformed the team's fortunes, providing a platform for Piastri to showcase his exceptional talent.

Amidst the revitalised campaign, the young driver seized key opportunities, securing podium finishes in Qatar and Japan. His victory in the sprint event in Qatar underscored his emergence as a formidable presence in Formula 1.

Piastri is focused on elevating his performance to new heights in 2024, contingent on the capabilities of his equipment.

"In terms of results, it depends a lot on how we are as a team," he told

"We've ended 2023 in quite a good place with a competitive car, hopefully we can be the same, if not better - that's the goal.

"For myself, I've got a year of experience in F1, I've been to all of the circuits apart from China, so there won't be any completely new ones for me.

"Hopefully everything will just be a bit more comfortable, but more natural from the start, just keep doing the same thing.

"If that means we're finishing on the podium or even winning, then of course that's what I'm gonna try and aim for.

"If it means you're finishing six or seventh, then that's what I'm gonna try to aim for. So just try and keep building keep evolving.

"I've got some clear targets, I guess that I want to try and improve from my first season. But yeah, just keep chipping away at those and wherever we end up is where we ended up."

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