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Max Verstappen will fit in at Mercedes, says Ralf Schumacher

Reigning Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen would fit in just fine at Mercedes, according to former driver Ralf Schumacher.

In the preamble to the Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff revealed that Max Verstappen is their primary target to replace the outgoing Lewis Hamilton. 

The flying Dutchman is contracted to Red Bull until 2028, but it has since emerged that there is an early exit clause Verstappen could opt for if the track looked cleaner on the other side.

Speaking to Sky Sports, six-time Grand Prix winner Schumacher believes Verstappen's mindset would see him settle in well with the German team.

"Max Verstappen speaks German, and therefore Mercedes is a very, very good alternative for him," said the former BMW-Williams driver.

"And he would also fit in well, especially his personality. But it's not that far yet. "And by the way: theoretically he has to first get out of the contract.

"Helmut Marko could of course do that too, because his contract is basically linked to Max Verstappen.

"I also don't think they would stand in his way at Red Bull if he wanted to leave."

Speaking before the Australian Grand Prix, Verstappen admitted it was nice to get some interest from rivals Mercedes. 

"It doesn't have any impact on me of what I would do or whatever, but I mean, it's always nice to hear that," he said, as per crash.net.

"But of course, Toto and I, we had our little moments, but that's normal between two teams as well, battling, I guess, for challenges, but the respect has always been there. But yeah, from my side, it doesn't change anything."

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