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  • Max Verstappen Unlikely To Emulate Fernando Alonso'S Prolonged F Career

Max Verstappen unlikely to emulate Fernando Alonso's prolonged F1 career

In a recent revelation, Max Verstappen, the Dutch sensation of Formula 1, hinted that he may not pursue a career as extensive as Fernando Alonso's in the sport.

Despite Alonso's commitment to Aston Martin for the next two seasons, Red Bull driver Verstappen expressed little inclination towards mirroring such longevity.

Having debuted in F1 nine seasons ago at the tender age of 17, Verstappen has been vocal about his concerns regarding the evolving landscape of the sport, particularly with the introduction of additional races and alternative formats like the F1 Sprint. 

His discontent suggests that he might not be inclined to continue racing until he reaches the age of 45, as Alonso has decided to do.

Reflecting on Alonso's decision to extend his stay in F1, Verstappen maintained a level of understanding, stating, "No [I'm not surprised], but I don't have all the insights. 

"They have a good relationship with each other as well and you don't know what they're talking about in the meantime and how the prospects are, so it's very difficult for me to really comment about it. 

"Clearly, they are very ambitious, they want to win in F1. He believes in the project so that it makes sense to sign."

While there were speculations about Alonso possibly joining Mercedes or even Red Bull, his decision to stick with Aston Martin didn't come as a shock to Verstappen, who emphasized the importance of ambition and belief in a team's project.

Looking ahead, the F1 Miami Grand Prix is poised to mark the sixth race of the 2024 season. Scheduled for May 3 to May 5, the event will unfold at the Miami International Autodrome, with the main race consisting of 57 laps over the 5.412-kilometre circuit.

As Verstappen ponders his future in the sport, fans anticipate witnessing his continued winning exploits on the track.

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