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Max Verstappen: New Sergio Perez contract 'great news' for Red Bull

Formula One world champion Max Verstappen has expressed his support for Red Bull partner Sergio Perez, after the Mexican penned a new contract with the team.

Red Bull have confirmed Perez's contract extension, ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, securing his spot on the team until 2026.

Perez's inconsistent performances last year had fuelled speculation about his future with the team, with many expecting him to be replaced at the end of his current deal in 2024.

However, Red Bull have opted to back the 34-year-old driver, preserving the partnership with Verstappen that began in 2021.

Verstappen approves of Perez's renewed contract, showing his support for the continuity within the team.

"It is great news that Checo has signed with the team until 2026 and I am glad to be able to continue with the successful partnership that we have created over the past few years," Verstappen said.

"We achieved a record-breaking season last year and the team is very strong, so we are looking forward to building on this success into the next two years as well."

The duo will continue their collaboration as Red Bull strives to maintain their competitive edge and pursue further success in the upcoming seasons.

Asked about Red Bull's prospects heading into the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, Verstappen added: "Following a more difficult weekend in Monaco, this week I have been with the team back at the factory and in the sim preparing for the Canadian Grand Prix.

"The track there is very unique, has some old school kerbs and there are plenty more opportunities for overtaking.

"It is even more important to have a good set up of the car and find a balance between the straight line speeds as well as good stability under the braking.

"It is always good to be back racing in Montreal; the scenery is one of a kind, the atmosphere in the city is great and the fans are very passionate."

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