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Max Verstappen leaves door open for Mercedes move amidst Red Bull uncertainty

Max Verstappen has hinted at the possibility of a future switch to Mercedes, injecting fresh speculation into the ever-evolving landscape of motorsport.

Despite his contractual commitment to Red Bull Racing until 2028, Verstappen's recent comments have fuelled rumours of a potential move to the Silver Arrows, following Lewis Hamilton's surprising decision to join Ferrari for the 2025 season.

During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend, Verstappen's remarks hinted at a pivotal condition for his allegiance to Red Bull: the potential departure of motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, whose influence on the team's dynamics could sway Verstappen's future.

Addressing the swirling rumours, Verstappen emphasized the unpredictable nature of life, drawing parallels between the uncertainties of Formula 1 and broader existence.

"In my life, and it doesn't matter that it is not related to F1, just general life, you never know what is going to happen or what comes to you, whatever happens around you or what might influence you," Verstappen reflected, shedding light on his philosophical approach to decision-making.

While Verstappen remains content within the Red Bull fold, he acknowledges the allure of competing in the fastest machinery available — a sentiment echoed by Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, who views Verstappen's aspirations through the lens of performance.

"Well, you know the thing is that no-one would have ever realised or seen that Lewis would have moved to Ferrari," Verstappen remarked, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of career trajectories in Formula 1.

"I approach my life like that, but I also don't think about it too much, I am very relaxed and happy at the team, and happier that the performance is there," he added, expressing his satisfaction with Red Bull's recent competitive form.

As the F1 circus gears up for the Australian Grand Prix, set to challenge drivers with the intricacies of the Albert Park semi-street circuit, Verstappen's contemplations add an extra layer of intrigue to an already captivating season.

With the allure of Mercedes beckoning and the backdrop of Red Bull's internal dynamics, Verstappen's future in Formula 1 promises to be a storyline worth following closely as the season unfolds.

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