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Max Verstappen is relieved the intense F1 rivalry with Lewis Hamilton is over

Max Verstappen has expressed his gratitude for the on-track rivalry he shared with Lewis Hamilton but confessed that he doesn't miss the intense competition.

Verstappen's dominance in the last two seasons has seen him clinch three world championships and secure an impressive 54 race victories. 

His first world championship in 2021 was notably achieved after a fierce battle with seven-time champion Hamilton, culminating in a controversial conclusion at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix two years ago today.

Since that dramatic victory, Verstappen has continued to showcase his prowess, amassing an additional 34 victories and setting several Formula 1 records. 

In contrast, Hamilton has struggled to secure a win since the race preceding the memorable event at the Yas Marina Circuit.

"I don't miss duels with him," Verstappen told Blick.

"I'm happy with how this season went. Of course, I appreciate the duels we once had. But now I appreciate above all the successes that we can celebrate as a team.

"Not winning 45 times in a row? It happened to me too. Every now and then I managed to win. Well, periods like this can happen, but I prefer not to think about it. Because they devour the necessary energy in you."

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