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  • Mario Andretti Challenges Formula 'S Rejection: A Bid To Break The Grid Barrier

Mario Andretti challenges Formula 1's rejection: A bid to break the grid barrier

Mario Andretti, the 1978 F1 world champion, is pushing back against the reluctance within the sport to embrace his endeavour of forming a new team for the grid.

Despite receiving approval from the FIA, Andretti's proposal to establish their own team was met with rejection earlier this year by Formula 1 officials. Undeterred by this setback, Mario Andretti, alongside his son Michael, persist in their pursuit of launching their own American team in the foreseeable future.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Andretti expressed his disappointment at F1's decision, stating, "I was offended, actually. I don't think we deserved that, to be honest with you." 

He emphasized the substantial investment made by his organization into the series and highlighted the potential value addition of an additional team to the grid.

Andretti remains optimistic and is scheduled to engage in discussions with F1 officials in Miami next month, aiming to address any misunderstandings regarding their proposal. "We only had one meeting with them. That's a problem. We haven't had enough. I think that's why I really welcome our next meeting," Andretti stated, underscoring the importance of constructive dialogue.

The establishment of a new facility at Silverstone serves as a tangible manifestation of Andretti's commitment to their F1 aspirations. "We're putting brick and mortar together. We've shown that with the team that already has a place in Silverstone," Andretti affirmed, highlighting their proactive approach.

Additionally, Andretti enjoys the support of General Motors, which has pledged to join as a power unit constructor from 2028.

Despite their readiness to cooperate, Andretti expressed frustration at the lack of clarity from F1 officials regarding their proposal's rejection. "But they haven't told us yet except for some excuses like, 'Oh we don't want you coming on, we don't want you to be embarrassed,'" Andretti revealed, urging for transparent communication.

The forthcoming F1 Miami Grand Prix, slated as the sixth race of the 2024 season, offers a platform for further discussions and negotiations. With the first practice session and sprint shoot-out scheduled for May 3, Andretti remains hopeful for a breakthrough in their dialogue with F1 officials.

Mario Andretti's determination to challenge Formula 1's rejection underscores his unwavering commitment to realizing his vision of joining the illustrious grid, embodying the spirit of perseverance synonymous with motorsport.

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