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  • Lewis Hamilton Has Never Experienced Such Temperamental F Tyres

Lewis Hamilton has never experienced such temperamental F1 tyres

Formula 1 veteran Lewis Hamilton has voiced his unease regarding the unprecedented challenge posed by the narrow operating window of tyres in the sport.

The Miami Grand Prix highlighted the extreme difficulty faced by drivers in optimising their tyre performance, with a multitude of factors contributing to this complex equation.

The combination of ambient temperatures, track surface conditions, and circuit layout during the Miami Grand Prix created a perfect storm, making it exceptionally tricky for drivers to find the optimal operating range for their tyres. 

Hamilton, piloting the sensitive Mercedes car, faced additional challenges due to his vehicle's tendency to fluctuate in tyre temperatures.

He expressed that the characteristics of Pirelli's 18-inch tyres are unlike anything he has encountered before in his career. 

"I think we're just working in a really, like, miniscule window of tyre temps," Hamilton said. 

"I think it's this tyre. Definitely, in all my career, I don't remember ever having such a small window of working."

The slim margin for error in tyre management has become a critical factor, as even minor deviations from the optimal window can result in significant time losses, translating to a substantial drop in race positions.

Hamilton emphasised the magnitude of the challenge, highlighting how a small time loss can have a cascading effect on race outcomes in the highly competitive F1 landscape.

"Honestly, it's probably the most frustrating thing," he added.

"You look back in the day where you had a much bigger working window to work with. Then you can just optimise the balance and then just have good grip throughout the whole lap. This is definitely my least favourite."

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