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Lando Norris jokes about his 'sky-high ego' after Miami GP victory

Lando Norris has admitted he 'liked' a social media post which accused his ego of going "through the roof" following his maiden Formula One win.

Norris ended his losing streak at the 110th attempt in Miami a fortnight ago – celebrating with a 24-hour party that took in two rounds of golf at Augusta National – and then vowed to take the fight to Max Verstappen in his all-conquering Red Bull machine.

But speaking ahead of this weekend's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the 24-year-old said: "I went through all the comments on social media, liking all the bad ones. One said: 'this guy has one won race and his ego has gone through the roof'. I liked it, and I was like 'yes, it has'.

"You can't please everyone. I look at the comments because I try not be on the bad side of anyone. But if I am not confident, people are like, 'you have got no faith in the team'. And the minute I say 'we can win more races', which I already said at the beginning of the year, people are like, 'calm down, hotshot'.

"But I am also speaking on behalf of the team. I am not saying 'I can do anything now', and 'I am unbeatable'.

"Mechanics, engineers, they read what I say. Winning motivates them. and me having confidence in them motivates them, so I need to say the right things.

"Sometimes it looks like a stupid thing to say, but in the bigger picture I know it is better for me and better for my team. I don't care if people reading it like it or not. I am only going to say what benefits me and the team."

Norris arrived back in Monaco a whirlwind 72 hours after winning in Miami, and had trouble firing up his half-a-century-old Lamborghini Miura.

"I had a problem, a first-world problem, with my Miura," the Bristolian continued. "It didn't start. But then the fans recognised me and they pushed my car and they bump-started it down the hill. So I was like mega. Maybe if I didn't win the race they wouldn't have noticed me."

Norris trails Verstappen by 53 points after the opening six rounds, with the Dutchman still expected to take his fourth championship in as many years.

But Norris said: "Does the win give me more hope that I can challenge them (Verstappen and Red Bull)? One hundred per cent.

"We had an upgrade in Miami and it helped us but even without the upgrade we would have been good there.

"I know Max sustained damage in the race and people use that as a reason for him not winning but even before that happened we were quicker than him by a huge chunk.

"I accept where we are and I think we are the third-best team behind Red Bull and Ferrari but that could change if we have another good weekend here.

"I am confident that with our rate of development, which is better than any other team on the grid, by next year we can challenge for wins and, in the bigger picture, hopefully challenge for the title."

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