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Kevin Magnussen determined to secure podium finish with Haas

Kevin Magnussen wants to extend his tenure at Haas beyond the upcoming season, expressing a strong desire to pursue his "unfinished business" with the squad.

Having been with the US-owned outfit since 2017, just a year after its inception in Formula 1, Magnussen has formed a significant bond with the team over several seasons.

Despite a brief departure at the end of 2020, the Danish driver made a comeback in 2022 and notably clinched a pole position at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix that year.

However, Haas have yet to claim a podium finish, despite competing in F1 for eight years.

As the end of the season approaches and numerous drivers, including Magnussen, face uncertain contract situations, the 31-year-old has made it clear he wants to taste success with Haas.

"I've certainly invested a lot in this team," Magnussen told the media.

"I've been here for almost the beginning and I have unfinished business. I want to get on the podium with this team and see some kind of climax [for] all the work that's gone into it.

"We've had some tough years and then turned it around and got back. The success of this team, I feel like we haven't seen it yet. I want to get there.

"About the driver market this year, I know that there's a lot of drivers available out of contract. But honestly, I haven't thought about it that much."

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