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Jos Verstappen anticipates Christian Horner's continued reign at Red Bull

Jos Verstappen, father of Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, believes that Christian Horner will continue as Red Bull team principal, despite their recent clash.

Verstappen Sr's frustration with Horner surfaced during the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he warned that the team would be "torn apart" if Horner continued in his role. This statement followed an investigation into allegations against Horner by a female employee, who has since been suspended by Red Bull.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Verstappen Sr. expressed sympathy for the woman involved but remained uncertain about the future developments. "I sympathize with the woman, with all that she went through, but we will see what happens," he said.

The controversy has raised questions about Max Verstappen's potential departure from the team, especially as Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko also faces the possibility of suspension following a fresh internal investigation.

Jos Verstappen admitted to having a disagreement with Horner during the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend but clarified that it was resolved. He recounted, "He was saying to me 'Do you trust me? I will do everything for your son,' and we were talking with our hands, we didn't have a fight."

Despite the claimed rift within the team, Verstappen Sr. conceded that Horner is unlikely to leave Red Bull soon. He expressed concern about the team's focus, stating, "In the press conference Horner gave the other day, it was all about him and his problems when we should be talking about Max, the car, his performance, and the race."

While acknowledging the support Horner receives from the Red Bull Thai owner, Jos Verstappen predicted, "I think he will stay for the rest of the season. I said it would be bad if he stayed; it really isn't good for the team, this whole situation."

As the drama unfolds off-track, the Formula 1 circus moves to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, where the team faces the challenge of maintaining focus amidst the fastest street circuit on the calendar, with average speeds of 252km/h and a record-breaking 27 corners. The Bahrain controversy continues to cast a shadow over Red Bull Racing as they prepare for Saturday's race at Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

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