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James Allison: Lewis Hamilton and George Russell can both challenge for F1 title

James Allison, the technical director at Mercedes, is optimistic about the championship prospects of both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Allison believes they can both challenge for the F1 title in the upcoming season, as long as the new W15 car is competitive.

Mercedes saw Red Bull seize the spotlight since the introduction of ground effect rules in 2022. The Silver Arrows struggled, clinching only one victory in the last two seasons and enduring a winless streak not witnessed since 2011.

With a meager 409 points compared to Red Bull's commanding 860, Mercedes revamped its approach by abandoning the unsuccessful zero sidepod strategy for a more conventional design after the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Unable to implement further changes to the W14 architecture mid-season, the team redirected its focus towards the forthcoming W15 model, scheduled for unveiling at Silverstone on February 14th.

"They need us to provide them with the equipment," Allison told Sky Sports F1.

"But Lewis has proved seven times that he is World Championship material and he was the highest scoring non-Red Bull driver [in 2023].

"George made one or two errors during [2023], but equally, you've seen very strong performances from him in a number of races, and it has been quite a good learning experience for him in his second season with us.

"I'm certain that both men, with the right equipment could be World Champion if they fought hard and well enough."

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