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  • Helmut Marko Admits Red Bull Will Feel Adrian Newey'S Exit

Helmut Marko admits Red Bull will feel Adrian Newey's exit

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has openly acknowledged the significant loss that the team faces with the departure of legendary designer Adrian Newey.

Marko's comments come amid speculation and concerns within the Formula 1 community regarding the impact of Newey's exit.

Despite attempts by the Milton Keynes-based team to downplay the significance of Newey's departure, Marko's admission underscores the magnitude of the loss. 

Newey, who has been a driving force behind Red Bull's success, was visibly present during the Miami Grand Prix weekend, receiving applause from the team after addressing them on Friday.

While Red Bull's leadership, including Christian Horner and star drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, emphasised that the team's achievements are not solely attributed to one individual, Newey's contributions have been undeniable throughout the team's periods of dominance.

Marko's candid acknowledgment of Newey's departure highlights the challenges Red Bull may face in maintaining their competitive edge. 

"This is of course a big loss for Red Bull Racing," he told Austria's Kronen Zeitung.

"He may not have been involved in the day-to-day running, he may not have paid attention to every detail, every screw, but he was the one who controlled the complex knowledge of aerodynamics and mechanical grip of the whole car. Moreover, his great successes have made him a legend."

However, Marko asserted that the team will not suffer the dire consequences predicted by some in the paddock. 

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