Haas boss Gunther Steiner upset about Mick Schumacher's pit-stop problems

Team principal Gunther Steiner conceded that Haas have much to learn from their pit-stop blunders at the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Zandvoort last weekend.

The Dutch GP started out well for Haas as Mick Schumacher managed to get his VF-22 a starting grid spot of eighth with an impressive qualifying session.

All the hard work unfortunately evaporated with the German driver's first pit-stop. Steiner explained after the race that the front jack somehow got stuck, which caused the delay.

The mistake cost Schumacher a chance at grabbing some points, and his second stop was also underwhelming, leading to his 13th-place finish.

Meanwhile, fellow Haas driver Kevin Magnusson also had a slow pit-stop during the race. The Dane started in 18th and finished 15th.

"The front jack just got stuck, didn't go down anymore. I don't know why. Never heard that before. Just didn't come down," Steiner told Motorsport.com when asked about Schumacher's slow stops.

"The second stop, I think it was just a slow stop, nothing else. On Kevin's second stop there was an issue with the gun. The gun broke. So today was pitstop disaster. We just have to swallow the frog.

"I'm upset about that it happened. I know these things shouldn't happen and it happened all today. The same with Kevin, he was in 15th and then went off. It all goes to s*** pretty quick, you know?

"So that's the disappointing thing, I would say. But in general Mick did a good job [in qualifying], but once you're back this far it's just difficult to recover, because you're in the middle of it, and everything goes downhill from there.

"Actually in the end we did come out better than envisaged, in the end we fought for it. And we got the best out of what was left."

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