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Frederic Vasseur: Ferrari's Australian GP victory, puts Red Bull under pressure

Carlos Sainz led Ferrari to a remarkable victory at the Australian Grand Prix, sending a clear message to their rivals at Red Bull Racing.

Team principal Frederic Vasseur expressed his confidence in Ferrari's ability to challenge Red Bull, stating, "When we are putting everything together, we can put them a little bit under pressure." Sainz's triumph ended Max Verstappen's winning streak, highlighting Ferrari's resurgence in Formula 1.

Despite undergoing surgery just over two weeks before the race, Sainz delivered a flawless performance, securing Ferrari's first one-two finish since the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Red Bull faced setbacks as Verstappen retired in the fourth lap due to a brake issue which resulted in a fire from overheating, exposing vulnerabilities in their otherwise dominant performance.

Vasseur emphasized the importance of confidence in achieving success, noting Ferrari's growing belief in their capabilities. He stated, "We are much, much more confident in the fact that we can manage these kinds of events." Ferrari's performance in Melbourne propelled them to within four points of Red Bull in the constructors' championship, signalling a shift in power dynamics within Formula 1.

The SF24 car has proven to be a significant improvement for Ferrari, with the team demonstrating a deep understanding of its capabilities since pre-season testing. Vasseur highlighted Ferrari's comfort with their package, stating, "From lap one day one, we were there with the performance and it was quite smooth."

Looking ahead, the Formula 1 calendar gears up for the Japan Grand Prix, scheduled for April 5-7. As the fourth race of the season, the event promises to be another thrilling chapter in the ongoing rivalry between Ferrari and Red Bull. 

With Ferrari's resurgence and Red Bull's vulnerabilities exposed, the stage is set for an intense battle on the iconic Suzuka International Racing Course.

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