Fred Vasseur urges Ferrari to find better efficiency in 2024

Ferrari's Formula 1 chief, Fred Vasseur, is rallying his team for a resolute comeback in the 2024 season, spurred by an analysis of missed opportunities.

Vasseur meticulously catalogued instances where valuable points slipped away, leading to a narrow defeat by Mercedes in the constructors' championship by a mere three points in Abu Dhabi.

Facing challenges akin to their rivals, Ferrari struggled from the outset in Bahrain, realising their car's inadequacy against Red Bull. 

Beyond performance issues, the team grappled with technical glitches, operational blunders, and reliability concerns. 

Lead driver Charles Leclerc endured setbacks, including retirements and disqualifications, while Carlos Sainz faced race starts hindered by technical failures.

Vasseur, voicing his frustration, implored the team to learn from past unforced errors and deliver a more assertive performance in 2024.

"We started on the wrong foot in Bahrain when we had to stop, we were P3 and [got] the penalty for the second race. It meant for Charles it was almost 25 points of penalty," he said.

"Plus the points that we were giving to the others with the two Mercedes that were behind us.  
"But again, it is not only this one - you can do the list. Trust me, I have done the list a couple of times and have it in my head the classification without the issues and overall, I think that you have ups and downs during the season.   

"For sure, we gave up more points than our competitors and that means it is another topic that we need to work on for next year, to be more opportunistic and more efficient."

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