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Four American cities which could host a fourth USA-based F1 race

The popularity of F1 is growing in the USA, with three races on the 2024 calendar now taking place in the States.

The Miami Grand Prix takes place in May, then the United States Grand Prix will be staged at the Circuit of the Americas in October, with the F1 glamour heading to Las Vegas in November. 

Here, Planet Sport’s Monica De Los Angeles takes a look at four American cities who could possibly aim to host a fourth USA-based race in the coming years. 

The thrill of Formula 1 racing has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, and the United States has been no exception to this phenomenon thanks to the entry of an American team, driver, streaming provider, and documentary. 

With the success of existing races in cities like Austin, Las Vegas and Miami, attention now turns to potential new hosts for a fourth USA-based race. 

Although F1 is turning its attention to host countries in Asia and Africa, let's delve into four American cities that could step into the limelight and aim to host their own exhilarating Formula 1 event in the coming years. 

New York City, New York 

New York City, with all its glitz and glamour, seems like the natural choice for a Formula 1 race. While the city has hosted Formula E races in the past, the prospect of Formula 1 tearing through its iconic streets would be a spectacle like no other.  

While speaking with Sky Sports, Formula 1 non-executive chairman Chase Casey revealed that Liberty Media was looking to bring F1 into New York City after ticking two main venues off their wish-list, which includes Miami and Las Vegas.  

“We said early on, Vegas, Miami and New York, they’re the next cities we should be in, and Vegas delivered,” he said. 

The biggest struggle with hosting a Grand Prix in New York is the location, given the hardships faced by residents during the construction of the Las Vegas GP pit building. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams allegedly offered Randalls and Wards Islands to the sport which are interconnected islands, predominantly made up of sports fields and parks. 

However, despite the striking skyline views, this location doesn't fit the city-centre concept that F1 President Stefano Domenicali has in mind, which could be a setback for any race held in that location. 

Regardless, it’s clear that we could see 20 race cars zooming down Fifth Avenue some time in the future. 

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Indianapolis, Indiana 

Indianapolis is no stranger to motorsport glory, with the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway already hosting the Indianapolis 500, one of the most prestigious races in the world. 

Sixteen years ago, Lewis Hamilton won the last Formula 1 race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, his second F1 win in what would become a record-breaking 103 victories. 

The city's rich racing heritage and enthusiastic fanbase make it a prime candidate for expanding its motorsport offerings to include Formula 1.  

Although the other US GP hosts are more about the glamorous and thrilling lifestyle, a return to this iconic track could provide Formula 1 fans (especially newer fans) a sense of what the origins of motorsport feel like. 

Though it seems unlikely given what team bosses have said in the past about a race at IMS, a track with such a history and important place in the sport seems like a perfect full circle moment after the evolution of the series in the last 15 years. 

However, the argument could also be made that this track is best suited for the IndyCar series it has become so recognised for.  

Chicago, Illinois 

Part of the early silly season this month has been rumours of a fourth US-based race and right at the top of that list is Chicago, Illinois. 

The gossip began after Formula 1 filed trademark applications for "Grand Prix of Chicago" and similar names on January 19, according to U.S. patent and trademark office records. 

Talks have apparently been held between Formula 1 and the City of Chicago. Though the city currently has a three-year deal with NASCAR for downtown street races. 

Furthermore, it is important to note that the contract for the Circuit of the Americas in Austin expires at the end of the 2026 season, sparking speculation about whether Chicago could serve as a potential replacement venue. 

While the building of the track would be a hardship, the location of the track would mean four US races in almost every sector of the country, ranging from glamour to southern and traditional to metropolitan. 

It would be interesting to race in a city Formula 1 has never been to before as there have been more experimental tracks added to the calendar in recent years like Las Vegas, which signed a 10-year contract after the success of its first race.  

Additionally, Chicago's dynamic urban landscape and passionate sports culture make it a compelling contender for a Formula 1 race. 

While the city has yet to host a major international motorsport event, its central location and robust infrastructure position it as a promising candidate for future expansion. 

Could we see this bold risk pay off? 

Nashville, Tennessee 

An unlikely and unrecognised option, Nashville offers a unique and beautiful backdrop for a potential future Grand Prix. 

The city's rich musical heritage is highlighted by the iconic Country Music Hall of Fame and the recent success of motorsport events like the NASCAR Cup Series and the NTT IndyCar Series races in Nashville demonstrates the city's capacity to host large-scale racing events and accommodate enthusiastic crowds. 

Considering the recently-opened Nashville Superspeedway and its prior hosting of Formula 1 team fan events like Red Bull, the city is well-equipped to handle the logistical demands of hosting a Formula 1 race. 

However, securing a Formula 1 race requires significant investment and collaboration between city officials, race organisers and stakeholders. 

Infrastructure upgrades, including track modifications and hospitality facilities, may be necessary to meet Formula 1's stringent standards and ensure a successful event. 


From the iconic streets of New York City to the racing heritage of Indianapolis, each city brings its own unique charm and appeal to the world of Formula 1. 

With the right vision, investment and support, any of these cities could have the opportunity to showcase the thrill of racing on an international stage and further grow the American fan base for Formula 1.

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