F1 news: Martin Brundle says a 'minor overspend' could've given Red Bull a crucial edge

Former F1 driver Martin Brundle wants to see the FIA be more severe in their punishment of teams that overspend, as it's a much bigger advantage than it may seem.

Formula One's governing body implemented a $145 million budget cap last year for all teams competing in the sport, to off-set the financial pressure the coronavirus pandemic put on the global economy. 

On Monday, Red Bull were found guilty of a "minor overspend" last season, and could therefore face a points deduction or a fine.

A minor overspend is classified by the FIA as five percent above the budget cap, which is $7.25 million.

Brundle was shocked to hear that a breach of over $7 million could be considered minor, as he says it's enough to gain a big advantage over other teams who abide by the rules.

"What seems crazy to me is that a minor breach can be up to five percent overspend on the cost cap at 7 million, we know that's a massive upgrade on a car, maybe even a B-spec for some teams," he said on Sky Sports' Amy Driven Monday show.

"So that needs tightening up for starters, because what's the point in having 140 million, whatever the number ends up being, and then having this five percent variance?

"So I'm assuming that the FIA will have to crack down hard on any minor breaches, but it looks like it could be a reprimand or a fine, will they want to revisit points, will it be manufacturers points or drivers points for 2021?

"Other teams are saying 'well look, this gives you a head start into '22, the cars are carried over for '23, so this is a big advantage'."

He added: "It needs tightening up because the other teams will be under pressure. The team boss will be saying 'why didn't you do this? Why don't you overspend a bit and pay a fine or get a slap on the wrist and go a tenth or two faster?'

"So we need clarity and it needs to be rigid and a five percent variance is way too much."

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