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Formula 1 news: Alex Albon hoping for major upgrades at Williams

Williams driver Alex Albon says he hopes the 2024 design will have major changes to the "DNA of the car" after admitting last year's model had significant issues.

While Albon has impressed many behind the wheel of a Williams and has been instrumental in pulling the team back from obscurity, he is not as complimentary of the 2023 Williams.

"I don't want to speak too soon, but the FW45 always had some consistent limitations with the car, especially when we went to tracks like Monaco or Barcelona," Albon told media including RacingNews365.

"Low speed [corners] and braking were always big issues for us, but also high-speed long corners were difficult as well.

"Definitely in the simulator, you can see that these areas have improved, but at the same time, you can see that it comes with quite a different driving style, which I think really until you hit the track, you can't really start to try and understand and pick it apart.

"Our limitations [over] the last few years, it was not just my feedback, it is every team-mate since 2020, 2021, when I wasn't even driving the car, it had the same issues.

"There's always been an inherent issue with the Williams cars in the last four or five years, and we sacrificed a little bit of development time on the FW45 to focus on the FW46.

"We shortened the amount of upgrades we had on the car to make sure we try to attack this car a little bit more aggressively really start to change the DNA of the car."

With testing for the 2024 season around the corner, Albon is going to find out how much progress the Williams engineers have made very soon.

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