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Ferrari's strategy for closing in on Red Bull Racing at Monaco

Ferrari's team principal Frederic Vasseur has outlined his blueprint to narrow the gap to Red Bull Racing.

With Red Bull securing five victories out of seven races, McLaren have recently emerged as a challenger, notably clinching a win in Miami.

While Ferrari currently sit as the third-fastest team, signs of progress emerged at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, where Charles Leclerc finished a mere seven seconds behind race-winner Max Verstappen.

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Vasseur emphasized the critical role of car setup at the tight and twisty track, known for its limited overtaking opportunities.

"The competition will be everywhere," Vasseur affirmed. "The set-up of the car will be crucial... the performance of the driver will be crucial."

To bolster their performance, Ferrari introduced a significant upgrade package at Imola. However, given the tight competition at the front, Vasseur stressed the necessity of accelerating development pace to avoid falling behind.

"We will have to speed up the development," he stated. "It means that we will have to speed up the time."

Vasseur highlighted the fine margins in F1's relentless pursuit of performance. "We are now chasing the last hundreds," he noted.

"It means that you also have to be sure that what you are bringing is working. It will be the key factor for the next couple of events."

With the Monaco Grand Prix looming, teams are preparing for the challenges of the iconic Circuit de Monaco.

The event, scheduled for May 24-26, promises another captivating chapter in the drama-filled saga of Formula 1, where Ferrari seek to assert themself as a formidable contender for the win.

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