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Ferrari's Frederic Vasseur warns team against complacency

Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur has warned the team to avoid "worst-case scenario" as 2024 F1 season unfolds, emphasizing caution.

With Ferrari's resurgence and McLaren's rejuvenated performance, the pressure on Red Bull has intensified in recent races.

Following a gripping victory in Australia due to Max Verstappen's misfortune, Ferrari showcased their prowess once more in Monaco after McLaren's triumph in the Miami Grand Prix.

Vasseur emphasized the newfound self-assurance within the Ferrari camp, signalling a belief in their ability to challenge at the forefront of the grid.

Reflecting on the team's progress, Vasseur remarked to media, "It's not merely about motivation; our drive has been unwavering. What's crucial now is the burgeoning self-confidence among our drivers and the team.

"Winning elevates our attention to detail, fostering a positive momentum. This marks a significant evolution over the past months."

Despite Red Bull's dominance with five wins in the initial eight races, Ferrari's resurgence has reshaped the championship narrative. Yet, Vasseur remained vigilant, cautioning against complacency seeping into their ranks.

"We must maintain our current trajectory, but we must guard against premature complacency. The worst-case scenario would be assuming that success is assured until the season's end," Vasseur asserted.

"I firmly believe that the competition will ebb and flow, especially as we encounter diverse track configurations and challenges. Our rivals, whether McLaren or Red Bull, will keep us on our toes throughout the season."

Looking ahead, Vasseur stressed the importance of consistency and adaptability, regardless of the circumstances. "Our approach remains unchanged: to maximize points even in challenging races and seize victory when opportunities arise. The goalposts may shift, but our determination remains steadfast."

As the Formula 1 caravan gears up for the next showdown, all eyes turn to the Canadian Grand Prix, slated for the weekend of June 7-9. Set against the iconic backdrop of Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal, the ninth race of the season promises another thrilling chapter in the 2024 F1 campaign.

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