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  • Ferrari'S Frederic Vasseur Stands Firm Amid Charles Leclerc'S Qualifying Concerns

Ferrari's Frederic Vasseur stands firm amid Charles Leclerc's qualifying concerns

Ferrari's Frederic Vasseur has addressed concerns surrounding Charles Leclerc's F1 qualifying performances, maintaining confidence in the driver despite setbacks.

At the recent Japanese Grand Prix, Leclerc found himself once again trailing behind his teammate Carlos Sainz in qualifying, marking a trend that had emerged since the beginning of the 2024 Formula One season.

Reflecting on his performance, Leclerc acknowledged the issue, stating, "It's my qualifying pace [which is the problem]. It is not something that I've not been very used to in my career to be working on my qualifying pace, because normally it's pretty good on the Saturday."

Team principal Vasseur, however, refuted suggestions that Leclerc's struggles in qualifying were indicative of larger issues within the team. "You don't have to draw a conclusion, just based on the classification," Vasseur emphasized, downplaying the significance of the qualifying results.

Analysing Leclerc's performance at Suzuka, Vasseur pointed out a strategic misstep during Q1, which compromised Leclerc's ability to maximize his potential in the later sessions. Despite this, Vasseur expressed confidence in Leclerc's abilities, reaffirming his belief in the Monegasque driver's competitive spirit.

Responding to queries about Leclerc's own admission of his qualifying struggles, Vasseur reiterated his faith in the driver, highlighting Leclerc's self-awareness and determination to address the issue. "Charles is a competitor, he is a good one on the one lap and he'll be back," Vasseur affirmed.

Looking ahead to the upcoming F1 Chinese Grand Prix, where drivers will face the challenge of adapting to the Shanghai International Circuit in a condensed time-frame,

Vasseur remains optimistic about Ferrari's prospects. With the introduction of the first of six Sprint weekends in 2024, drivers will have limited time, of 60 minutes, to familiarize themselves with the track before the intense Sprint qualifying session on Friday afternoon.

As Ferrari prepare for the fifth race of the season, Vasseur's steadfast support for Leclerc underscores the team's commitment to overcoming challenges and reclaiming their competitive edge on the Formula 1 grid.

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