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Ferrari's Carlos Sainz bemoans technical woes at Emilia Romagna GP

Ferrari's Carlos Sainz faced a tumultuous Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, battling technical issues that thwarted his performance at Imola.

Despite high hopes pinned on the team's upgrades, Sainz encountered setbacks both in qualifying and during the race, hampering his ability to capitalize on the improved package.

Following a fourth-place start on the grid, Sainz's race was marred by complications arising from a detected issue post-qualifying, coupled with challenges in battery deployment.

His fifth-place finish, though respectable, fell short of the anticipated pace. In contrast, teammate Charles Leclerc secured Ferrari's first podium finish at Imola since 2006, highlighting the team's mixed fortunes.

Reflecting on the race, Sainz expressed dissatisfaction with the performance, citing a notable lack of pace and operational issues. "Today, simply, we were lacking quite a lot of pace," he conveyed to the media.

"Not very happy because I'm pretty sure after qualifying, we saw something in the car that might not have been working as expected."

Despite efforts to contain the setbacks, Sainz faced further challenges during the race, including difficulties with deployment and strategic pit stops. The inability to match expected performance levels compounded his frustration, resulting in a subdued race experience.

While acknowledging the disappointment, Sainz dismissed attributing the issues solely to the team's upgrades, emphasizing the need for thorough investigation. "Something on the other side that we need to look into and also with the deployment," he remarked, hinting at broader technical complexities.

As the Monaco Grand Prix beckons on May 26, Sainz and Ferrari brace for another pivotal race weekend, poised to navigate the renowned Circuit de Monaco. With the allure of the prestigious event looming, the team aims to address lingering challenges and reassert their competitive edge in the fiercely contested Formula 1 landscape.

In the wake of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Sainz's quest for redemption intensifies, fuelling anticipation for a compelling resurgence on the illustrious streets of Monaco. 

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