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  • Ferrari Set For Fiorano Track Testing Ahead Of Imola Grand Prix

Ferrari set for Fiorano track testing ahead of Imola Grand Prix

Ferrari are set for crucial testing at the Fiorano track to debut their new aerodynamic package for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, commonly known as Imola.

The SF-24 will receive the first of three planned upgrade packages next week as F1 returns to Italy in 2024.

The filming session, limited to 200km, allows Ferrari to fine-tune the upgrades and streamline calibration work for Imola.

It also provides valuable data for comparisons with virtual simulations from wind tunnel testing led by Enrico Cardile's technical team.

The session will showcase the SF-24 with new blue HP logos, part of a recent sponsorship deal.

Ferrari will also prepare third driver Oliver Bearman for his FP1 debut at Imola, transitioning from Haas.

Team boss Fred Vasseur tempered expectations about the upgrades but stressed their importance in the tight battle against McLaren. 

Vasseur emphasised that incremental improvements are crucial, which highlights the significance of the Fiorano testing for Ferrari's competitive edge in the upcoming Grand Prix.

"We don't have to expect that it will be a game-changer, but it's so tight that this can bring performance," said Vasseur, when asked about the upcoming car updates.

"Our competitors brought parts this [Miami] weekend, and it was not a game-changer. But it's also that when in qualifying you have four or five cars in one tenth, if you bring one tenth, it's a game-changer for the weekend.

"But a large part of the result, it's coming also from what we are doing with the drivers, the set-up of the car during the weekend, the management of the tyres.

"We don't have to think only about upgrades and development, it's also the job that we are doing on track."

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