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  • Ferrari CEO Warns Of Ongoing Challenges Despite Strong F Season Start

Ferrari CEO warns of ongoing challenges despite strong F1 season start

Ferrari's resurgence in the 2024 Formula 1 campaign has been remarkable, but CEO Benedetto Vigna remains cautious, emphasizing that there's "still work to be done".

Despite significant improvements in areas like tyre management and strategy execution, Vigna acknowledges the ever-changing nature of competition.

Reflecting on Ferrari's progress, Vigna pointed out that while the team has doubled its points compared to the previous year and secured five podium finishes, including a spectacular victory in Australia, challenges persist. 

"We started better than last year, but there is still work to be done and there always will be," Vigna emphasized to La Repubblica.

The Italian team's triumph in Australia, with Carlos Sainz behind the wheel just 16 days after undergoing an appendectomy, showcased both resilience and skill. Sainz, alongside teammate Charles Leclerc, has consistently delivered strong performances, with podium finishes in Bahrain and Japan further highlighting Ferrari's resurgence.

The drivers have praised the SF24's performance and characteristics, with Sainz expressing satisfaction at the improvements made. "We exactly improved the car in the places that we wanted to improve it, and Suzuka proves it," he remarked.

While acknowledging that they still trail behind Red Bull, Sainz remains optimistic about Ferrari's trajectory, particularly in terms of race pace and strategic flexibility.

Looking ahead to the upcoming weekend, the F1 Chinese Grand Prix presents another opportunity for Ferrari to showcase their progress. Set to be the fifth race of the season, the Shanghai International Circuit promises to test teams' adaptability with its unique challenges.

With the introduction of Sprint weekends, drivers will have just 60 minutes to familiarize themselves with the track before engaging in Sprint qualifying on Friday, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

As Ferrari continue their journey to reclaim the top spot in Formula 1, Vigna's reminder of the ongoing challenges serves as a sobering yet motivating message. In the fast-paced world of motorsport, success is never guaranteed, but with determination and dedication, Ferrari aims to maintain its momentum and challenge the dominance of its rivals.

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