Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto doesn't believe Red Bull will use a new chassis in 2022

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto would be surprised if Red Bull are capable of introducing a new light-weight chassis during the current F1 season.

In the wake of Max Verstappen's dominant display at the Belgian Grand Prix, where he won with a 17-second lead over his team-mate in second place Sergio Perez despite starting the race in 13th, rumours circulated regarding a chassis upgrade. 

The conjecture claimed that Red Bull had introduced a new light-weight chassis ahead of the Belgian race.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner dismissed the rumours, but more recent reports now claim the Constructors' Championship leaders are planning to use the updated chassis from Singapore onwards.

Binotto doesn't know what exactly Red Bull are up to, but he is skeptical about the feasibility of building a new chassis mid-season, considering the $140-million budgets within which the F1 teams must operate.

"I cannot know what they are doing, if they've got a lighter chassis or not," said Binotto, as quoted by GrandPrix247.

"But generally speaking the budget cap is always a concern - I think we already mentioned it through the season.

"Now we've got the technical, sporting and financial regulations, which can make a difference between teams in the way that they are interpreting and executing it.

He added: "I cannot judge on the Red Bull but as Ferrari, we will never be capable of introducing a lightweight chassis or a different chassis through the season simply for budget cap.

"And I would be very surprised if there's a team capable of doing that."

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