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Toto Wolff acknowledges Red Bull's legacy amid calls for regulatory reform

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has weighed in on the issue of Red Bull's dual ownership, emphasizing the debt owed to the team despite growing dissent among competitors.

In recent weeks, concerns have escalated regarding Red Bull's intertwined relationship with sister team RB, drawing criticism from McLaren CEO Zak Brown, who advocates for stricter regulations to ensure greater independence among constructors.

Addressing the brewing controversy, Wolff underscored Red Bull's significant contributions to the sport, particularly through their financial support of a second team and robust junior program.

"Formula 1 owes them a lot," Wolff asserted, recognizing Red Bull's unique position within the sport's ecosystem. "They have two teams, they finance them. They have a great junior program, a track and lots of brand value, and so they're not like any other smaller team."

While McLaren have been vocal in their opposition to Red Bull's collaborative model, Ferrari have come to the defence of the Milton Keynes-based outfit, highlighting differing perspectives within the paddock.

Acknowledging the need for regulatory scrutiny, Wolff cautioned against overreaching measures that could stifle collaboration, emphasizing the importance of finding a balanced approach that accommodates teams of varying sizes and structures.

"We are a constructor sport," Wolff emphasized, emphasizing the inherent complexities associated with shared ownership and facilities. "What we need to look at is the regulations - are the regulations robust enough? Are they policed well enough for us to be in a safe place or are we seeing some potential loopholes and what is it we need for 2026?"

As Formula 1 gears up for the Bahrain Grand Prix on Saturday, the debate surrounding Red Bull's ownership structure underscores broader discussions about the future direction of the sport.

The race, scheduled earlier than usual to accommodate the start of Ramadan in Bahrain, marks the inaugural event of the 2024 F1 season, promising excitement and intrigue on the track as teams navigate not only the twists and turns of the circuit but also the intricacies of regulatory reform.

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