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McLaren's comprehensive approach to boost Lando Norris' confidence

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella shed light on the meticulous process aimed at bolstering Lando Norris' self-assurance.

The 24-year-old driver, known for his tendency towards self-criticism, has often vocalized his disappointment, particularly since the inception of the current ground effect regulations in 2022.

Notably, Norris has been candid about his errors during qualifying sessions, a trend observed yet again at the Bahrain Grand Prix. While securing an impressive sixth place on the grid, Norris acknowledged that a front-row start was within reach if not for a crucial mistake.

Addressing the media, Norris admitted to an error during his final hot lap on a new set of Soft tires, emphasizing the potential impact on his podium aspirations. Despite his self-critical nature, the British driver displayed a more optimistic outlook this time.

Curious about the measures taken by McLaren to mitigate Norris's self-critical tendencies, RacingNews365 delved into the team's preparations over the winter break. Andrea Stella outlined a holistic approach that encompassed various facets of performance improvement.

"The work that happens to improve, for instance, in delivering laps, and also the way you react to delivering or not delivering to your expectations is quite vast," Stella stated. "It's 360 degrees, he goes from the self-reflection of the driver like understanding when you don't deliver, why?"

Stella emphasized the collaborative efforts involving the engineering group, providing comprehensive data and analysis from previous cases. McLaren's meticulous work over the winter break aimed to address Norris's self-critical tendencies and enhance his overall performance.

The team principal hinted at a specific approach and style that proved crucial for Norris's success, indicating that deviating from this style impacted the driver's rhythm. Stella acknowledged that these continuous improvements are part of an ongoing journey that evolves season after season.

As Bahrain sets the stage for the inaugural race of the 2024 F1 season, McLaren's thorough process signifies their commitment to nurturing their driver's confidence and optimizing performance on the demanding Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir on March 2.

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