Max Verstappen disappointed as Honda chooses Aston Martin partnership for 2026

Max Verstappen expressed his discontent with Honda's decision to partner with Aston Martin for Formula 1's 2026 power unit regulations.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen expressed his disappointment regarding Honda's decision to partner with Aston Martin when the new power unit regulations come into effect in 2026.

Verstappen stated, "It is a shame" that Honda opted to join forces with Aston Martin, as the Japanese manufacturer had previously indicated their exit from Formula 1.

Despite Honda's formal withdrawal from the sport at the end of 2021, they continued supplying Red Bull with power units, albeit with frozen specifications until the conclusion of 2025, except for reliability enhancements. As a result, Red Bull Powertrains was established, with Ford onboard as the technical partner from 2026 onwards.

Verstappen reflected on the situation to media, saying, "It is a bit unfortunate how it all turned out because a few years ago, they said they would stop, and then Red Bull set up this entire engine division.

"Then, at one point, Honda decided to continue." The Dutch driver expressed his sadness over the collaborative possibilities being hindered due to Red Bull's independent engine development efforts.

Verstappen also conveyed his fondness for Honda, highlighting their strong relationship and success together, and stated: "I loved working with them [Honda], we've had a lot of success already, so of course, I will be sad to see them go."

He concluded by mentioning his excitement for the future partnership with Ford, while acknowledging his sadness at bidding farewell to Honda.

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