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Max Verstappen calls for review of 'crazy' 24-race Formula 1 calendar

Red Bull's Max Verstappen expressed concern over the escalating Formula 1 calendar, describing it as "way over the limit" and calling for a comprehensive review.

With the addition of the Emilia Romagna and Chinese Grands Prix, this season sets a new record with 24 races, raising questions about sustainability and its impact on both the environment and the well-being of those involved.

Verstappen, the reigning champion, highlighted the challenges faced by drivers and their teams, pointing out the impracticality of rotating the driver line-up as teams do with their on-the-ground workforce. He emphasized the need for a balance between quantity and quality, emphasizing that the current schedule is not sustainable in the long run.

"I feel that we are already way over the limit of races," Verstappen said during a media interaction. "It's about quality over quantity as well, and I've said it before, this is not sustainable."

Despite his love for racing, Verstappen stressed the importance of considering the quality of life and the increasing time spent away from home. While acknowledging his current commitment to the sport, he hinted at the possibility of reassessing priorities in the future.

"I love racing a lot and I do it a lot also outside of F1, but at one point you start looking into the quality of life and how much you are away for, doing the sport you love," the Dutchman remarked. "So for sure, we need to look into that because if you have to start rotating drivers, that is a bit crazy."

As Bahrain gears up to host the inaugural race of the 2024 F1 season on March 2, Verstappen's call for a review raises essential questions about the direction of the sport and the potential impact on the careers of drivers. The Formula 1 community await further discussions and decisions on the future of the calendar.

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