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Lance Stroll plans on closing gap to Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin in 2024 season

Aston Martin's Lance Stroll acknowledges the need to bridge the gap to teammate Fernando Alonso for the upcoming Formula 1 season.

Last year, Alonso outpaced Stroll, securing the lion's share of points for the team. Stroll, speaking at the launch of the team's new car, expressed his determination to enhance his performance and reduce the gap to Alonso.

"Last year, for sure, he was just quicker," admitted Stroll. "I have some ideas on where to work on, some things that I want to improve on in that regard."

Despite acknowledging Alonso's superiority, Stroll attributes some of last year's setbacks to misfortune. "I think we had a lot of misfortune last year, and I think that made things more challenging," he noted. 

Technical issues and unfavourable circumstances hindered Stroll's progress during races, impacting his ability to compete for top positions.

The start of Stroll's 2023 campaign faced hurdles following a cycling accident that resulted in wrist injuries. 

Although he managed to compete in the first race of the season, he acknowledges the need to return stronger physically this year. "Every year I think is a new year, so going into this year I'll learn, I'll evolve, I'll think about what I can do better," Stroll affirmed.

With the 2024 Formula 1 season on the horizon, fans anticipate an exhilarating competition as teams prepare for pre-season testing in Bahrain. 

Stroll, alongside his peers, gears up to demonstrate Aston Martin's potential and aims to secure significant results. "I would like to see us definitely fight for some big results this year, score a lot of points, fight for podiums and a first win in green would be nice," Stroll expressed, highlighting his ambitions for the upcoming season.

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